Sorry for the long absence; Summer in here in full swing and that means my day-to-day life is quite different than usual.

My fireman has been off, saving baby deer from wildfires in various parts of the country and that means it’s just us girls and the pets at home. Plus, I’m working a lot (yay, I like money!) and the kitchen is, uum, warm to say the least. After 8+ hours of sweating I’m usually pretty pooped. This usually leads to dinners of ice cream in my roommate’s bed while we watch Doctor Who.

So, there’s not much to share with you on the recipe front, mostly because I hate cooking for one.  I promise that if I come up with anything good, I’ll put it up.  But, for now, I have a little crafty project that I’m quite proud of.  It’s so simple and works pretty well.  I’ve gotten into Doctor Who so I made some nerdy shirts, but you could us any image that you like!  The sky is the limit: a cut-out of your favorite pet, a symbol, something from nature…

DSCN5390Bleached Stencil T-Shirts

Materials Needed:

  • Newspapers
  • colored T-shirt
  • stencil/cut out
  • exacto knife or utility knife
  • cutting mat or board
  • glue stick
  • empty spray bottle
  • bleach
  • funnel
  • paintbrush (optional)

Prepare the table with a layer of newspapers to protect the surface.  Lay your shirt out flat on top of the newspapers.  Use the knife to cut out your stencil/image on a cutting mat or cutting board.  On the reverse/backside of your stencil apply a thin layer of glue with the glue stick, paying special attention to get the edges.  Lay your image on the t-shirt and firmly press down.

Use the funnel to fill the empty spray bottle with a little bit of bleach.  Spray the bleach onto the shirt over the image.  Peel off the image and let set for 15 minutes while the beach dries.  Use the funnel to transfer any leftover bleach back to the bottle.  Quick, easy and crafty, just the way I like it!

You can also use a paintbrush, dipped in bleach, to write on shirts too!