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This recipe is more of an idea than a concrete set of recipes.  In reality, it is an experiment gone oh-so-right with a few of recipes from other sources.  But, seeing as it’s so easy, give it a shot yourself!

DSCN5791Graham cracker snickerdoodles – I just took out 1/2 cup of flour from my favorite snickerdoodle recipe (I’m pretty sure I use the Emeril Lagasse recipe from the Food Network website) and added 3/4 cup of graham cracker crumbs, bake as usual.

Marshmallow Fluff – My new obsession, I think it looks like magic when the egg whites go from something boring to glossy clouds of teeth-rotting deliciousness.  It’s pretty much just an Italian meringue, but I love it!  I’ve only attempted Martha Stewart’s recipe, but it’s simple, tasty and makes up a ton.  I’m told you can also buy marshmallow fluff in stores…

To assemble these lovely sandwich cookies, just melt some chocolate chips and paint the bottoms of an even number of cookies, like so:

DSCN5784Put a healthy dolop of marshmallow fluff on half the cookies then smoosh together gently!  Voila!  Soft and chewy, ooey and gooey, these were a huge hit with the fireman and the picky-picky roommate.