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Hello lovlies! It’s nice to have some time for interneting, it’s been crazy here in the mountains but it’s good to make that hay while the sun is shining.  Here’s a quick post to alleviate my guilt at ignoring my little blog.

Anyway, I got a free sample of ‘Steakhouse Steak Seasoning’ from Raley’s as part of their ‘Something Extra Try-It’ program, and I’ve been putting it on just about everything.  I’ve been really surprised about how versatile it is.

Of course it’s good on any sort of beef, I’ve mixed it into some burgers and rubbed it on a grilled tri-tip; which were both a hit with the Fireman in my life.  Off the beaten path a little bit, I also used it to season some oven fries and it was delicious!  It was also really yummy sprinkled on the top of some fresh bread.  In addition to salt, pepper and onion flavors, this spice mix has some caraway and dill flavors in it too and makes bread taste like an ‘everything bagel.’


Last night I used this steak seasoning rub on another tri-tip I got on sale, but I dressed it up with a few additional spices to make it have a little Middle-Eastern/North African flair to it.  I toasted up a tablespoon of corriander and teaspoon each of mustard seeds and cumin and coarsely ground all three.  I rubbed the toasted spices and the ‘Steakhouse’ seasonings on my happy little tri-tip and let it sit in the refrigerator for most of the afternoon.  When my fireman came home, I fired up the grill and slapped on the meat (and also some onions and lemons for my side of tabbouleh!) and dinner was had.